What would happen if you and I craved the things of God the way we longed for pleasure and comfort.

What if we hungered for righteousness more and worried

less about what others thought of us?

What if what God thought of us was of greater value that what

others thought of us?

What if we were wholly us and yet completely in love with the creator of the world?

In recent years I have begun to ask God to give me a theme for the year- a phrase, a word, something for me to focus on for the next 12 months. Resolutions have never worked well for me. This year it was “no excuses- no regrets” . Regretfully- I have regrets and I have made more than my share of excuses. However, I am still journeying through the year with those words in mind. But, what if I added the word “crave” to my focus?

Recently I watched “The Way Back”,  a movie based on the true story of a group of men who escaped from a Siberian gulag towards freedom. The choices they made and the sacrifice and determination required to survive a journey on foot of over 4,500 miles was astounding. They craved freedom. They craved it more than what it might cost them.

What if you and I craved God and his will for our life more than what it might cost us?

Might it change us and the world?