It’s hot. I mean it has been really hot. Can i say again how how it is? Really hot. 100+ with humidity.

Everyone I talk to is complaining about the oppressive, seemingly never ending stretch of heat we are experiencing! I must confess I too have whined and complained a bit.

However, today as I overheard my husband and our neighbor discussing- you guessed it – the heat, I couldn’t help but remind them we could be scraping ice and shovling snow. The wind could be whipping shards of ice into our face as we slip and slide to our car. Need I say more?

I am reminded to remember- Phil 4:11 .. “I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.”

In heat, snow, sleet, drought or flood- content.

In the physical and the spirtual arena- content.

Does contentment have something to do with trusting the one who asks for our contentment? How do YOU work through the challenge of remaining contented no matter the situation?

I’m heading outside to take a walk- in this oppresive, humid, hot BEAUTIFUL SUNNY GORGEOUS day! Blessings my friend- thanks for stopping by Mosaic!

Nancy 🙂