“Give God your worst and he gives you his best. it’s an unfair trade- but we call it grace.”  Ron Edmundson

Grace is undeserved and unmerited. More often than not, I bring my leftovers to God. I don’t mean to – really …but I find myself bringing him my leftover time, energy and resources. My heart is drawn to give him my best. He sees this and for this I am thankful.

Tomorrow is mother’s day. The gift of being a mother and of having a mother is a wonder that dances at the edge of my heart when this annual event edges into my world each year. if it were not for grace in the process of parenting, my children would be a mess. I shiver to consider the results if my finite abilities were all I could bring to the parenting world.

Instead I see grace. I have brought to God all that I am and he reaches into  the place where I live.

He brings grace.

He brings love.

He brings second chances

I have often needed second chances as a mom.  I believe my mother and hers before her would link arms with me in acknowledgement of our own shortcomings in our individual journey of motherhood.  I will continue to grasp the opportunity for second chances as time marches on. I am a woman who wrestles daily with herself but I am created by God and  called for a purpose. I seek his hand upon my days and smile at his love pouring over me with grace daily.

Thank you Lord for the privilege of being a mother. Thank you for placing a wonderful mother in my life. Thank you for filling in the gaps and empty places for me when I did not know nor understand what to do or how to do it. Thank you my children are amazing (in spite of me) . They are an incredibly precious gift to my heart and because of grace I can jump up and down grinning like the blessed woman I am shouting HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to me !