Many leaders and coaches encourage their progeny to begin with the end in mind.  To envision what they want to accomplish even as they are striving to reach a goal or a benchmark towards that goal.

How would our lives be different if we began each day with the end in mind. This could apply to what do I want to accomplish today. Or what do I want to do with my LIFE. We could use this thought as we make vacation and retirement plans. While raising our children. Pithy goals like how much to spend at the grocery store might be influenced by this consideration. We are told to drink more water and to floss our teeth daily. Even those things could be slanted to success if we really thought about why we do what we do.

If we considered the cost.

What would we do differently?

Picture yourself at age 90

wearing your own teeth.

Or not.

Makes me want to floss!


(I’m in!)