Several days ago while at work, I allowed myself a brief stolen moment of stillness. Phones rang constantly, activity hummed from every corner and customers came and went from the busy insurance agency where on most days I work and play in my role as office manager. Each of us had more to do than we could hope to accomplish in a day and our plates were beyond full. The desk I sat behind held my slice of the pie at varying levels of completion. Files and folders were strewn about, phone messages begged to be returned and each represented a customer with real and pressing concerns needing to be resolved. I wanted to help my co workers with their backlog.  I could see the work I needed to complete, but, as I looked and listened I intuitively knew working harder, smarter and longer was not going to be the answer today. It became glaringly obvious even if I attempted to do it all- “all” was not going to be a reality in the near and looming future! As I gazed about at the craziness in front of me and teetered on the brink of total frustration, I heard the voice of the Lord whispering oh so softly within.  “My burden is easy, and my yoke is light.. Let me take it all. I am crazy about you and love you huge!”

I took a few extra moments, gathered my thoughts, tucked that precious reminder from the Heavenly Father into my heart and picked up the next item on my to do list. Circumstances didn’t change. My perspective and outlook did.

We were not created to do it all. We were created to be a living example of Christ in every moment of every day. Daily I am challenged to be all that God has called me to do in the big and small moments. I believe it is the small moments where he has the greatest opportunity to do the biggest. I pray daily to be fruitful and useful to my Lord each day.

How is God challenging YOU today? What is one of the most difficult mountains you climb as you seek to be yielded each day? How do you keep focused when the daily “stuff” threatens to overwhelm?