Word Press is new to me and I am pretty excited about the new features! I am a writer and creative soul with more excuses that keep me from living the life I desire than there are stars in the sky. I find the written and spoken word powerful and alive and my most vibrant growth moments happen when I am immersed into words. I love to learn new things- as long as they are taught in a way I can understand. I find I learn better when I am taught in an auditory way. Reading a list of directions and new terminology is overwhelming to me at best- frustrating at worst! I much prefer interaction with another human and conversation to sort out my questions and struggles.

I recently was a part of a class where Word Press was taught in a small group setting. I was able to absorb some of the nuances and surface workings of the program- enough to start my first post today- however I now feel like I know only enough to be dangerous and not enough to really use this wonderful program. BUT- today I am writing. This is a good thing. I may not be writing high quality work, but the words are being put on the paper and this IS a good thing.

Today- I will settle for this. I am grateful for the air to breathe and the ability to care for myself today.I am blessed.